Knowlton Hall_2004


Designer: Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects

Location: The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Size: 135,000 square feet

Program: 45 studios, 65 offices, auditorium, and library, program areas of the school include a woodshop, café, digital imaging facilities, computer laboratories, classrooms, an archive, and an exhibition gallery.

Completion: 2004

Houses: a school of architecture, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning for 600 students

Construction Budget: $30 million


The building was designed to encourage dialog amongst students and faculty members. Two deep courtyards were carved from the undulating perimeter walls to improve the natural light quality of the interiors and to create useful outdoor spaces. The roof garden, rising 50 feet above grade, defines the forecourt that leads to the main entrance at the east end.



The final event along the vertical path through the school is the library, a 30,000 volume collection with reading room and reference areas. The roof garden of the library extends out and over the entry below bringing the ramp to its conclusion above its starting point.


Near the main entrance are shared University classrooms and administrative areas and marks the beginning of the building’s circulation sequence. A series of inclined planes (slopes at 1:20) are hung off concrete shear walls that connect all the levels of the building. They lead down to the woodshop, up to the center jury spaces, the auditorium, the studios, offices, computer labs and finally culminate at the top with a library that overlooks the roof garden


studio area on 3rd floor, library above

osu floorplans

-fablab…check it out

osu_marble shingle cladding

The building has a white marble tile skin, with each panel segment  15” wide x 17” high x ¾ inch thick. The panel widths vary, with segments measuring 4, 6 or 9 inches wide. The courtyard walls utilize an aluminum storefront system with creative steel structural support.


West View


south courtyard


Sections cut through courtyard spaces on the south and east side.


Big Ideas

  • central circulation ramp/ pin-up space
  • programmatic organization: studios found only on 3rd floor.

alot more images can be found here;


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